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Kwang Hee and Yong Hwa

I watched this a while back and I thought it was extremely funny, so I thought I would share. It’s freakin’ hilarious!!

Love, love Yong Hwa’s voice!!!

credit: lalabshi

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Daesung MV ‘Lunatic’

This is Daesung’s solo for the drama ‘What’s Up’

I’ve been keeping tabs on comments about this mv… most are narrow minded. I like this song and I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it more, as I continue to listen to it. I get that people aren’t to impressed with it, however, I think it’s awesome. I like the metal edge it has. It’s not hard metal, but borderline… enough for me to think it’s genius.  

To see Daesung ‘shine’ we, his fans, need to allow him to express himself. Give him the space… Big Bang and his other activities are only small parts of himself… think of the gift he’s giving us by sharing and expressing himself through his music. Thank you Daesung! 😀

credit: AsianDream2016

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You have no idea how many times I voted for these guys…

I voted until my fingers hurt… pretty awesome feat considering they garnered 58 million votes!!


I’m not kidding when I say, ‘no one around me knows who BIG BANG is’.  That didn’t stop me from being psyched!! I didn’t cry like a lot of others did, but I did feel extremely happy… especially when I saw Daesung and G-Dragon smiling 😀

Sidenote: I was watching the EMA’s via live streaming and right when they got to the Wide World Act Award my internet service went out (happened to everyone in my area… ) OMGosh you have no idea how upset I was… Thank goodness for youtube!

credit: bigbangstuff

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“What’s Up”

Daesung in “What’s Up”


Would watch this just to get a glimpse of Daesung… Does he realize how talented he is? Just watching him perform… he’s beautiful. He just shines, especially when he smiles. He’s one of those people who is beautiful in the inside, as well as the outside… I have no other word I can use to describe him… just beautiful. Daesung Walks In Beauty… Hozho’

credit: mbn

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Korean Culture and Western Culture

I am extremely interested in Korean Culture. I’m interested in this because Western Culture has had an enormous impact on Native American Culture.  I love the fact that Koreans speak their own language and have relatively maintained their way of life.  However, I don’t like how Western values are permeating the Korean Culture, sometimes becoming more important. Most times it’s very subtle and you’re not even aware of the changes.  Native Americans have been experiencing these changes for awhile now, that it’s becoming harder to distinguish what is ‘traditional’ and what isn’t.

Recently, I made the decision to apply for an English teaching position in South Korea. I’m really hoping I’m accepted. I think the opportunity would help me learn how to view the world as a whole, as opposed to seeing the world from my backyard. I think it is extremely important, as a Native American, to learn from a culture that has existed thousands of years and to see how Westernized values are viewed outside of the U.S. It would also be beneficial to learn what pro-active steps the South Koreans have taken to reduce the influence of Westernized values.

It would be wonderful to share how Native Americans have struggled with outside influences and how ‘we’ still exist despite various attempts of genocide. Just the thought of all that information at my fingertips makes me feel so excited!

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SNSD vs Super 7

Read the article first…

Girl Group Super 7 criticizes Girls Generation

I need to say something about this…

Women tend to feel very competitive with one another and if you don’t learn to be humble and respectful you become Super 7… that’s why I like the members of SNSD… yes, they are imperfect but who isn’t.

Super 7 members need to ask themselves why more and more non-Koreans are listening to KPOP… For me, it’s because they show all their sides of their personalities; I feel like I could be friends with them.

Super 7 members are showing their pettiness, their immaturity, their disrespect and are overflowing with ‘stupidity’…

They need to work on being beautiful on the inside… Sorry, Super 7 but you can’t cover up who you really are with all that make-up, clothes or those C cups…

credit: Koreaboo.com

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I was kinda hesitant to listen to their new album… I wasn’t sure if I was going to like any of their songs but I DO! 😀

credit: SM Entertainment

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Added an extra video…I don’t know much about Tablo but he seems really talented. It’s a plus that he signed with YG otherwise I might not have paid attention to his work.

credit: tablo

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Lil Crazed

Another single from Lil Crazed

His boys are soooo cute!!
credit: Lil Crazed

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Credit: Yoojuice

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